Let us Reconverge together for your company’s


To RECONVERGE our industries, products, services, businesses, and supply chains in response to the rapid development of internet, communication networks, and other digital technologies in boundarylessness with new business models to leverage the effects is the Winning Synergy in the New Era.

Reconverge, Review, Redesign


Reconverge – Review with the client on their Reconverge Plan with suggestions.

Review – Due Diligence Reviews with the concerned departments of the Client.  We will deploy the  quality functions from the market requirements to the manufacturing & other supply chain requirements.  Then, we will conduct Due Diligence Reviews with the Key Manufacturing & Supply Chain Partners.  

Redesign – Redesign of procedures, operations & enterprise engineering as needed.


Examine, Evaluate, Educate


Examine – Our Value & Quality Auditors will examine the potential partners’ operations & documents in depth inclduding fact finding by interviewing the operators.   The Examination will extend to the key component & service providers.   Their data processing systems will also be examined for accuracy &  vulnerability.  

Evaluate – They will be rated as Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor.  

Educate – With the culural differences, we need to educate   the partners to raise or modify their standards accordingly.


Communicate, Commit, Culture

Communicate – We will communicate the findings with the client & the Suppliers.   The client finalizes whom to partner with.   Those rated Fair might have a re-examination if they were willing to  improve & the client was willing to give them a second chance.  

Commit – The partners have to commit to the mission of supplying the best value to the partners & ultimate customers.  

Culture – We will help the suppliers to culture their organizations to supply value to the ultimate customers.


Optimize, Organize Ownerships


Optimize – After the Strategic Partnership Relationship is confirmed, we will start the Procurement & Supply Chain Management Project.  A Quality & Process Control Plan will be developed.   Benchmarking previous experience & collective knowledge of the partners, we will conduct capability studies & supply chain optimization.  

Organize ownerships – The work is broken down & orgainized to assign ownerships of quality & cost for accountability.  Leadership of each ownership is developed with our trusted team basics.


Normalize, Necessitate, Notice

Normalize – Based on the optimization results, we will normalize all local operations to world classs standards.  The standards of Operations are developed with all operations.

Necessitate – The compliance of consumer safety is necessary in the products.  Together with the suppliers, we will necessitate those safety standards with our requirements such as sustainability, social responsibilities into all levels of the operations.

Notice – The neccessary standards will be noticed to all levels.  For the low levels, we will notice the standards with visual pictures & numbers.


Vision Value,  Validate,  Verify

Vision Value – The Vision of Value of the client must be visioned to the partners of the supply chain.  To achieve excellence, we must effectively use of empowered teams with proper trainings.  The Team members must trust each other & support each other to achieve results collectively.  

Validate & Verify – Our Team basics are of small size, mutual accountability, right mix of skills, common purpose, specific goals & common standards of operations for continuous value improvement.  The results will be verified internally & validate with other partners.


Eliminate, Equip, Empower


Eliminate – eliminate all wastes with lean  enterprise engineering for best cost and fastest cycle time.  Lean solutions strive us for excellence in all aspects of our operations.  

Equip – All departments are equipped with tools & techniques to execute lean solutions.   The infrastructures: Information Technology Development, Human & Culture Development of all partners are modified.  

Empower – Our Enterprise Engineering aligns our empowered People, Technology & Strategy.


Rationalize, Recognize, Respect

Rationalize – As the use of technology almost on everywhere, we will rationalize the operations before it is automated.  

Recognize – Those who contribute to the success of the team will be recognized.

Respect – could contribute their competency to introduce new product or new process, or new policy if it could increase value to the customer.  The benefit gained will be shared with the customer concerned & amongst the members who participated in the project,   With our boundarylessness transparent policy, we encourage co-development rather than competition,


Gage, Gear, Globalize, Grow

Gage – We will gage all operations into measuarable metrics for improvement.

Gear – We will gear all team units with appropriate tools to maximize effectiveness & value in all areas & all levels.

Globalize – For Boundarylessness Globalized  opearations, We will educate the partners with world class standards.

Grow – Our client could not grow with the startegic partners not growing.   We will work with all partners at all levels to grow together at the same world class standards at the same pace.


Enterprise engineer, Energize, Execute


Enterprise engineer – We will continuously identify, build, change & integrate ways & methods to improve value in the process & operations in all levles of the supply chain.

Energize & Execute – With the partners, we will energize every level to change & learn.  We will execute a human-technological partnership at ll level with empowerment to maximize value. 



Create or co-create with members in the partnership network to increase value in New Products & Process.



We will utilize the development of Information Technology to continuously optimize process, improve value, innovate & create new opportunities.


Our Advantages & Value

Our Teams have been working at Global Multicultural operations since the Quality Revolution in 1980’s.  Our Team members have been working in Multifunctions for  Germany and North America Companies with Asian Manufacturers.


Technology – Multi Functional

With the use of technologies in every operation.   GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out, the quality of data & processing is controlled to assure right information output.


Strategy – Adaptive Operation

As consumers are demanding more customizations & rapid responses, our supply chain operations are designed to be flexible and adaptive to changes.


People – Multi Cultural Teams

Our Boundarylessness attracts talents from different cultures.       Project meetings & Continuous Learning  are conducted to execute projects effectively.


Creating value collectively with our Upstream and Downstream Partners for the Customers

VALUE STREAM OPTIMIZATION on all End to End activities






Total Quality Management (TQM) or Company Wide Quality Control (CWQC)


Best Total Cost of Ownership considering both visible & invisible costs


Just in Time (JIT) Delivery & Supply Chain Optimization increase inventory turnover


Management Capability & Technical Capability under different environments


Outstanding Total Quality Service detailes to provide moment of truth experience